Performance Compounds

STS 806

  • Designed for street and light track use
  • 100% Copper free friction material
  • Excellent cold friction
  • Avg. friction is µ 0,42
  • Rotor wear is minimal
  • Very good NVH behaviour (Noise Vibration Harshness)

The STS 806 is a high performance street compound and compares to friction materials typically used by European sports car manufacturers. Performance is sufficiant for spirited track driving while not compromising street comfort with disc temperatures up to 500°C. It is still comfortable enough for normal street use.

STS 8011

  • Designed specifically for track use
  • Avg. friction is µ 0,45
  • Initial bite is moderate
  • Rotor wear is low to medium
  • Pad wear is medium
  • Pre-Burnished and nearly ready to race

The STS 8011 is a phenolic bonded racing compound with high structural strengh up to 650°C operating temperature.
The matrix is reinforced with aramid and steel fibers.
A well-balanced mix of highest-grade mineral components, metallic ingredients and premium lubricants make STS 8011 a most versatile friction material for a wide field of applications from club racing to professional motorsport.