Brake Discs

We are constantly updating and expanding our range of brake discs.

Coated Brake Discs
These brake discs are considered classics, due to their high temperature resistive coating, they offer a reliable anti-corrosion protection.

High Carbon Brake Discs
Besides our coated brake discs, we offer a range of high
carbon-brake discs. These additionally high carbonated and coated brake discs show a higher carbon component. Due to a higher thermal stability, high carbon-discs resist deformation and lead to a lower vibration during braking.

Two-Piece Brake Discs
One decisive advantage of two-piece brake discs is their lower weight compared to one-piece brake discs.
The mount is made of aluminium to reduce the unsprung masses as well as a favorable heat-dissipation at the hub and the wheel.

UV Coated Brake Discs
We are now offering UV Coated Brake Discs.  A finishing process trusted by many OE car manufacturers proven to inhibit rust and corrosion. Discover more about our long lasting and eco-friedly coating: